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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing form 1040ez

Instructions and Help about form 1040ez

Hey everyone now that we have a basic understanding of taxes we're actually going to file our taxes so the first thing we're going to need to do is go to it's a website right up here okay and we're going to look at forms and publications and we're going to click on the 1040ez we're going to use the 1040 EZ form because it's easier to fill out and it's less time-consuming than the other forms ok the 1040 a and the 1040 so I'm going to walk you through step by step filling out the 1040 EZ for Jose deke huevos okay so we're going to use this w2 and the following information to fill out the 1040 ez tax form okay Jose deke huevos is single and wants to contribute to the presidential campaign fund okay he has a hundred and fifty dollars in taxable interest income from a savings account and cannot be claimed by anyone else Jose is an accountant and his phone number is two oh one five five five five five five five here is Jose's 1040 EZ form I have already filled up information at the top this is the personal information that the tax form is going to ask you for it's going to ask you for name address and your social security number and whether or not you want to contribute to the presidential campaign fund I've already filled this information in because we're more interested in the actual dollar amounts and how the rest of the form works okay so now we're going to look at number one and number one states wages salaries and tips and this should be shown in box one of your w-2 so we need to take a look at our w-2 form so if we take a look at our w-2 form okay in box one it's as wages tips and other compensation so we have thirty six thousand twenty four dollars so we're going to place this in line one of our 1040 ez we're going to put thirty six thousand twenty four dollars okay and zero cents taxable interest is number two okay you can see if this total is over $1,500 you cannot use form 1040ez but we know from our information that we saw before okay that Jose has one hundred and fifty dollars in taxable interest income from a savings account so he's under that fifteen hundred dollar limit so on line two we're going to put one hundred and fifty dollars and zero cents this takes us to line three unemployment compensation and Alaska Permanent Fund dividends he doesn't live in Alaska and he didn't say anything about unemployment so line three is going to be zero for line four we are going to add lines one two and three this is the adjusted gross income when we add the lines up we get thirty six thousand one hundred and seventy four dollars and zero.